The Punjabi Education Center, GSPJ is located in the Annexe building within the GSPJ complex. The enrolment varies between 160-180 yearly. Currently it has 14 classes and 18 teachers. The classes range from Nursery to Secondary 3, where SPM students are prepared for the SPM Punjabi Paper. Phenji Satwant Kaur is the Head Teacher. We also have a administrative Assistant in a fully functional PEC office. Classes are held on Saturday from 2.30 – 6.30 pm except during school holidays. The Center, like all PECs around the country receives funding from the Punjabi Education Trust Malaysia (PETM). Text books are provided at a subsidised price. The PETM also trains the teachers, most of whom have graduated with the PETM diploma in Punjabi Language Teaching. PETM Inspectorate also sends out Inspectors to audit the center regularly to ensure that we are up to the mark in delivering Punjabi Language teaching and learning.